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Hi, I am a student of the last semester of BCS( Bechalor Of Computer Science ) at the     University of Peshwar. I wanted to do real programming stuff but didnt had much experience. I got the idea of doing some net2phone sort of thing. Later i thought that before doing that i should first do a simple voice chat( net2net ) software. Then it wont be that hard to do the net2phone sort of thing. I told one of my teacher, Mr. Shah Khusro, that i want to do this, he was kind enough to encourage me & he told me to search for 'streaming audio' on the net. So i did the search & found gstreamer's website. I also found the irc channel & server address on that site. So i was there, discussing it with wtay( Wim Taymans ). Since then it was & is wtay who has guided & tought me a lot. Infact the tutorial from which i learnt gstreamer's architecture was also writen by him. But still i am to learn a lot to accompish this software & i am doing my best.

I am too bad at these artistic kind of work( like web page creating ).plz tell me if you encounter any spelling or other mistake & i really need suggestions so feel free to contact me for suggestions.